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Find the most beautiful T-Girls in the world!
TSaction is the only
exclusively T-Girl, She-Male, Transsexual nationwide resource website. The cities' most exotic sensual transsexual escorts, ts shemale escorts services, ts escorts, usa shemales escorts, transgender escorts, transvestite escorts are all here to satisfy your most intimate fantasies.
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Find the most beautiful T-Girls in the world
TSaction is the only
exclusively T-Girl, She-Male, Transsexual nationwide resource website.
The cities' most exotic
sensual transsexual escorts, ts shemale escorts services, ts escorts, usa shemales escorts, transgender escorts, transvestite escorts are all here to satisfy your most intimate fantasies.
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Find the most beautiful T-Girls in the world!
TSaction is the only exclusively T-Girl, She-Male, Transsexual nationwide resource website.
The cities' most
exotic sensual transsexual escorts, ts shemale escorts services, ts escorts, usa shemales, transgender escorts, transvestite escorts are all here to satisfy your most intimate fantasies. Delight yourself with our exclusively t-girl usa shemale transvestites, tranny escorts, escorts tv ts, independent tv escorts, escorts shemale transsexuals. Watch live and pleasure yourself with our luscious tv ts, or chat with our transsexual escorts usa, tv ts chat room, she male chat rooms, shemale chat room, and transvestite chat rooms. Check out our wild lustful transsexual escort services available for you 24/7. Our site offers all your trassexual fantasies, voluptous transvestites, sensual tv escorts, sultry shemale traansvestites, and much more! Don't miss out! Chat live with local t-girl, shemale transvestites that are dying to make your dreams cum true! Visit us and get special scenes with our top of the line transgender escorts.
Shemale and T-girls
This article is all about guys who are into
t-girls and shemales escorts.
The word t-girl and
Shemale escortswill be used through out this article and they are completely interchangeable.
Did you know that most men who are into
shemale videos, magazines and dating t-girls are straight?
Gay men might have friends that are t-girls but straight men are into
Shemale escorts on many levels.

Many straight men find that a beautiful Shemale escorts is irresistible and confusing at the same time. I know that was my problem when I first got into dating t-girls. I was confused. As I am sure you know if you are at this site but just in case lets clarify things. A shemales pre-op still has a penis. Will we talk much more about this later but t-girls who are on hormones can have very tiny cocks and of course post-op t-girls have had the male genitalia removed and a vagina surgically shaped and created most are virtually impossible to see a difference from a true female. For now we will discuss t-girls, Shemale escorts who still have a penis. I have done extensive research on the subject first and for most because I was so confused at first. How could I be attracted to a shemales? Yes I had seen many beautiful t-girls and many are so stunning that they are as beautiful as some of the hottest girls around. How could I be into a Shemale escorts, she had a cock and wouldnít that be gay? That was my first thought, my second thought after I saw my first Shemale escorts nude was why am I so hard? This girl has a cock but I am so turned on by it. Before I go into to many Shemale, tgirl subject matter let me say this. If you are looking at the t-girl shemales tgirl escorts escorts on this site you are most likely straight. You may be so in touch with your sexuality that you are fine with that but like many of us straight men checking out the t-girls and thinking about getting together with a shemale you might be thinking as I did, am I gay? The quick answer is NO! I will discuss this latter from a physical, physiological and sexual level including what shemales t-girls tgirl escortshave to say, most are only into straight guys! what the psychologists and physiatrists have to say quick answer is that it is completely normal for a straight man to be aroused and to have sex with shemale t-girls / tgirl and how accepted and normal it actually is in other parts of the world. Whether it is a shemale / tgirl you crave, you are into swinging, bi, bondage, fetish, whatever as a country the good old USA is very repressed but donít worry even that might be changing.

Lets first start with the Shemale herself. T-girls / tgirl as a group identify as female period. The are not men as you can tell within minutes of talking to almost any of them. A shemale needs to be treated with respect just as you would any other women especially one you are interested in dating and if you make a connection, a real connection maybe even sex in the future. Keep in mind that most shemale t-girls are looking for a lasting relationship. Many Shemales that are pre-op have plans to become female and complete the transformation to a post-op t-girl. / tgirl

So why are we straight men so attracted to shemale t-girls escorts? First many are just so amazingly beautiful. The first t-girl shemales I went on a date with was so hot and so completely female with an amazing body curves in all the right places, she had perfect D-cup breasts and she turned heads everywhere we went. She had told me she was born with a penis but since she was a young child always new she was a girl. This is true with many shemales t-girls / tgirl; many have felt as though they were born into the wrong body. Julie was her name and at first I did not believe she was a transsexual. She was just stunning and to this day one of the best looking Shemale t-girls I have ever seen, strike that, she was one of the best looking women I had ever seen and just like any hot girl, when a guy meets some one this hot the first thing that goes to both our heads, the big one and the small one is sex. That natural for our breed, Male that is and it was no different with Julie.

After a few dates it was time and she wanted to talk about a few things. Julie knew I was never with a man, not bi and she was my first shemales t-girl. She told me she had been on hormones for years like many shemales do and to treat her like I would any other girl.

I had to ask, how big is your penis, what should I do with it, and other questions that look silly now but I had now idea what so ever about what to expect. She said just wait and you will see. My first shemale t-girl sex started like it would with any other girl. Passionate kissing, like all girls they are into it, then taking her top off and playing with those amazing tits and fantastic nipples. I started on her pants but she said wait. Julie then presided to strip me down and play with me. I am sure you have heard this before but they say gay men give the best blowjobs because they know so much about the equipment. Well shemale t-girls escorts are also privy to that same information and true to form the oral sex with Julie was amazing. She had me so hard and I needed to make love to her. At this point I would normally give oral to my girl but this was a first. I stripped off her clothing, pants first then a tiny thong. To my surprise nothing was there! I was expecting to see something and was a little shocked. Julie was a Shemale escorts wasnít she?

I said I thought you had but before I could finish she said most t-girls tucked it away

Before they had sex. I told her I wanted to see it and spread open her legs. There was a very tiny penis. Not much larger then some Labiaís I have seen. I asked her why it was so small, I mean my is not big but Julies even semi hard was maybe 2" She told me when shemales t-girls take hormones it gets very small and then she said that many of her friends were shemales escorts and thereís were small but she had never seen one that was smaller. This was a whole new / t-girl escortsworld to me. I asked if I could eat it like I did any pussy and would it get hard. She said it was hard for her to cum but sometimes when she got very excited it would get hard and she could cum. I stopped talking started kissing her again and stroking her penis with my hand. It was so small it really was like playing with a vagina. I then went down on her like any other girl. I had the same emotions and arousal that I would have with any women so needless to say my first time with a new girl I was very turned on. Taking her cock in my mouth, my first ever but who cares she was so beautiful I wanted to give her an orgasm like any other girl and impress her with my skills so into my mouth it went. First working on the tiny shaft I got her fully hard, not even 3" but she was rock hard. Her balls were so tiny they almost felt like vagina lips and I treated them that way.  Licking, kissing and it was no problem getting this little Shemale escorts cock and balls into my mouth. I was doing oral to my very hot Shemale escorts girlfriend for almost an hour, by then I thought to myself if she cums in my mouth how different could it be from any other girl. I worked it hard and told her she needed to cum, she was just about in tears but they were tears of pleasure, she told me she was about to cum and wanted to pull it out. I told her no I wanted to taste her and increased the sucking motion to the max. Julie arched back and with a cry blew her small but tasty load in my mouth. My first but not last shemales t-girl escorts cream pie. BTW to get her to cum I had three fingers lubed and way up her ass. In the future I would find that she loved to be fisted and would always cum when we did that. Julie was exhausted but I made her take my very hard cock in her mouth and get it all wet. Her ass was already lubed, she slipped a rubber on me and I pounded her for another hour. I must say there is no difference what so ever between a shemales t-girls / t-girl escorts love hole and any other girlfriendís asshole, that being one of my favorite holes to fuck, unlike a very wet pussy which is not always extremely tight. The asshole of a shemales, female, t-girl whatever is always very tight and there is always quite a bit of muscle control in fact the shemales in almost all cases had better muscle control down there then most women I have done. Back to Julie, when I was getting ready to cum she asked if I wanted to take the rubber off and cum inside her.

She only had to ask once and I delivered my first of many loads to her precious ass

And it was a huge load. After I had her stand with her legs spread open playing with her cock as the cum dripped out her hole. Julie was my first shemale t-girl but I have had many other t-girls since. They come in all shapes and sizes. I prefer slim shemales / t-girl with full breasts. Cock size or functionality does not matter. One thing you should know is that many shemale t-girls that take hormones have very tiny cocks but not to worry there are beautiful t-girls with very large cocks and when we say they are functional it means they get and stay hard. My second shemale t-girl was slim about 5í5" Asian girl with great tits. The first time we made love I was shocked to see her cock was twice the size of mine. She was a solid 8" and was completely functional and though I had never been the receiver of anal sex she loved getting and giving. I always enjoy satisfying the shemales t-girls / tgirl I date and whatever they are into I am into. My Asian beauty was named Lisa and she worked with me for weeks until I could take her entire 8" cock up my ass and have her pound me. I must say that I was very proud of myself being able to get to the point of letting her have sex with me when ever she wanted it. That was almost every day! Giving oral to shemales t-girls with cocks that big takes some training too. I could never get it all in my mouth and I was always amazed at how large and hard she would get. Her balls might have been the most beautiful ones I had ever seen on a shemales or any other t-girls and I loved licking and playing with them. When Lisa would load in me or in my mouth it was awesome her loads were huge. A number of times she had some of her shemales t-girl friends play with us. Lisa would do me anal while her friends would practice sucking my cock and another we have me suck her at the same time. With Lisa the shoe was on the other foot. I would spread Julies legs after I would cum in her and watch it drip out and Lisa would let me do the same but Lisa enjoyed pumping her load into me and then have me stand up spread eagle while the cum would drip out and her friends would watch. Once her and her shemale t-girl buddies all stuck their fingers up my ass and kept them there for awhile keeping the cum from spilling out. Then for their fun they gave my a full enema. Like I said I do whatever it takes to please my shemale t-girls. Once I had Julie and Lisa together after I was done dating both of them and we went out and got drunk. Most shemale t-girls are only into straight men but after a few drinks I got Lisa to make love to Julie, she to was surprised by the huge size of Lisaís cock while I took Julies entire tiny cock and balls in my mouth. She had multiple orgasms and said it was her first time with a shemale!

I wondered if maybe I was gay loving these shemales t-girls and getting so turned on by all of them including their cocks, but seeing regular guys and there cocks did nothing for me. I had never had sex with a man and there was nothing there. I started doing research on the web I wanted to see if having sex with shemale t-girls / tgirl escortswas considered gay and to my surprise many straight men are turned on by shemale t-girls / tgirl escortsand very few gay men are turned on by shemales. I interviewed a number of physiatrists and psychologists and found that normal sexual behavior for straight men spans a broad spectrum of tastes including straight men having sex with gay men and other straight men. I found that Transsexuals are appealing almost exclusively by straight men. The idea of the best of both worlds is not uncommon. In simple terms there is visually a beautiful women and anal sex is so very similar to vaginal sex when you are the one giving it. The added benefit and turn on of a women who has a cock i.e. shemale t-girls are that much more to play with. Most straight men fantasize about receiving anal sex but most never act on it, though women buying strap-ons to do their husbands and boyfriends is becoming more popular today. It has always been popular in Europe with the French leading the way. It is common place for French straight men to get anal from women wearing strap-ons and from other men and still not be considered gay or Bi, now how open sexually are they and how repressed are we still? When I was dating Julie we had so much fun going to the beach. Her in her tiny g-string, her cock so small she looked like any other very hot girl in a g-string. She liked me to wear a g-string which I had know problem with, I am slim and in very good shape and it felt great being so close to nude. We would lie on the towel around other people and without being obvious I would pull out her tiny shaft and try to get her hard. In the water sometimes I would take her bottoms off and we would float out past the waves having fun. Once we got caught by a swimmer coming Julie was floating on her back and I was sucking her cock. I do not think the guy swimming by had any idea Julie was a shemales escorts, I think he was to busy looking at her breasts and thinking I was eating her pussy.

Finding the right shemales escorts. Finding the right shemales for you is the same as dating girls you normally date. T-girls have different personalities and find the right one whether for fun or a serious relationship means dating enough shemale t-girls / tgirl escortsand knowing what you are looking for in a girl. Unlike genetic females most shemale t-girls have a high sexual appetite more like a guy then a girl. Some of the t-girls I have been with can go and go all night long. Many truly consider anal sex exactly as a women would think of vagina sex. Many shemale t-girls / tgirl escorts tuck their penises out of the way so you just see hole. I think it makes them feel more feminine but many of the younger shemales t-girls are celebrating their cocks. No more hiding, they are finding that straight men do enjoy making love to all of them and letís face it even though it is a new sensation to be with a women who has a penis it is in fact very exciting.

Being one of the shemale t-girls for the day. In major cities you will find shemale t-girl parties and in summer pool parties. I have been to a few and they are wild. I love to wear tiny g-strings and thongs; many of the shemales say that my figure is tight but almost feminine with these tiny suits on.

One of my shemales escorts friends wanted me to come to a pool party. There were going to be

At least 10 t-girls and over 20 guys. She said I am going to get you some special swimwear so you donít need to bring yours. She told me to come a couple hours early so we can hang out. I always thought Alexa was so hot. Just a beautiful shemales that always passed for a real girl. She was beautiful cock or not just perfect but we had always been friends. When I arrived to the party Alexa was hanging out with a few of her t-girl friends and said she had a surprise for me. She pulled out a few of the wildest swimsuits I had ever seen. They were Koala male fem suits that transformed a man cock to the exact shape of a vagina. She wanted me to wear it to the party and be one of the shemales t-girls,

Alexa said in this suit you will look so fem, we will put a little make up on you and you can wear a tight little spandex top. I told her and the other shemale t-girls that I was into them but not one of them. They all said it would be fun. I told them getting molested by all of them would be more fun. Alexa talked to her friends for a minute and then said to me if I wear the suits and hang out all day being flirty and letting the men treat you as a shemale then we will molest you right now. Always being horny and the idea of 4 awesome shemales escorts were too much to pass up. We had amazing sex and with the help of my Viagra friend I did each one, three of them had very small cocks which I took turns sucking as I was pounding the other, one of the t-girls had a large cock which she made me suck, then as I was doing Alexa she stuck her large cock up me. That was a first for me, a cock in my mouth, one shemale squeezing my balls, penetrating anthers tight ass and having my ass rammed at the same time. She pulled out and blew all over my ass. I blew inside of Alexa / tgirl, I could easily fall in love with this beauty but she has a lover.

We had a blast but little did I know what was in store for me at the shemale t-girls, tgirl escorts pool party now just an hour away. They put me in this tiny fem style suit and I looked completely female. If I were on the beach you would never even give a thought that I had anything but a vagina down there. It was humbling. The girls all said it looked sexy. On the rear side of the suit was an anal spreader ring (you can see these suits at This ring kept my hole spread open, I was glad the shemale escorts with the large cock did not cum in me or it would have been dripping out with my hole so spread. I said you want me to lie around the pool exposed like this. They said we had a deal and I would need to do what I was told. Alexa said just be a good girl, your pussy looks great! I was worried about men coming up to me and what they might do but today I would be one of the shemale t-girls, was it worth it? The sex I had was awesome but what would I be required to do. These men pay a lot of money to go to these parties and I had been to parties like these and lots of sex just seems to happen. Itís fun when your one of the guys on the prowl but now I was open, spread open, game to be had.

I oiled myself up and just relaxed and got some sun by the pool all the shemale t-girls looked exciteted and ready for action, I know many of them would love to find a nice man, one they could form a long term relationship with and even marriage as to me I was just trying not to be nervous. The men started coming and before I new it there must have been over 35 guys. Within minutes a younger guy sat down next to me, we made small talk and he told me my bikini looked cute on me I told him it was a thong, almost no rear. He asked me to turn over so he could see it. He was a very cute guy but guys are not my thing, today I guess they would have to be and if that was the case and I was to be one of the shemales t-girls escortsat the very least I want the cute guys. I did what I was told and rolled over. He could immiedity see my spread hole, remember my little fem thong had an anal hole spreader. He said very nice, would you like me to put oil on your back? I said sure and he started to run it on very sensually. As I started to enjoy it I looked to the side of me and one of the shemale t-girls was nude and groaning in delight, she was having her cock suck by one man as another was pounding her from the rear. I wonder if that would be happening to me, that thought did not stay very long, the young man that was rubbing oil on me poured a little oil in my spread hole and asked if I would like my pussy massage too. Sure and he lifted my ass up and started to push over my bikini, my cock was already hard from the massage and he said wow you have a penis. I said this is a shemale party, didnít you know? He said yes and he was into t-girls but told me he though I was a girl because my thong was completely flat. It really did look like a pussy so I did not get mad at him. He said in that case just layback down and let me rub you down. It only took a few minutes before his fingers was banging my hole, one then two then three I told him donít even think about putting your first in there. He called another of his friends over and said this is the one we thought was a real girl. Sheís cute and she has a cock. His friend was checking out my very flat pouch has his buddy was still banging me in the ass. The shemale next to me was having one orgasm after another and we were all getting excited by the symphony she was putting on, T-girls escorts in f major?

My boyís friend still thought I was a girl. He told his buddy lets get her thong off and you can show me. I turned over and the took off my bottoms exposing my rather small and completely hairless cock. Nice pussy he said and went right down on it sucking and stroking my balls. I never realized guys this young early 20s were so into shemales t-girls! The other came around and put the back of my lounge completely flat the one sucking me stop for a second peeled off his shorts and exposed a huge shaved cock, very nice, her turned around and made me do 69 with him, as I was sucking and being sucked, I knew what it was like to be a real t-girl shemales escorts, a second latter I felt my legs be lifted by the other guy and his very hard cock being slipped into my well oiled hole. I asked if he had a rubber on. He said no but he would not cum inside my. It felt so good I let him stay. He pumped me for about 20 minutes and true to his word pulled out and made me take his load in my mouth. His friend told me to cum in his mouth like a good little bitch and was squeezing my balls very hard. He said he always made shemales escorts cum and would do the same to me. I was trying to cum just so I could be finished, this being one of the t-girls was a lot of work, he then shoved what felt like his fist up my ass and I blew right away. He took it fully in his mouth drinking it down. I went to put my fem suit back on but one of the other t-girls said no way, you stay nude and let anyone who wants to play with you. By that point it looked like a shemale t-girl orgy with most of the girls doing 2 or more men at a time. It was wild as hell. Everyone nude, loads being blown by men and shemales, another shemales escorts must have arrived while I was busy getting abused and she was amazing. I was happy my Viagra was working well because I was hard right away and new that this new t-girl was going to get my cock first. None of the other t-girls had a chance to tell her I was a shemale for a day and I new I had to get to her before she was told. She was so great looking one of the best-looking shemales escorts t-girls / tgirl I had ever seen. Petite with a tiny waist, nice little bubble butt, c-cup breasts long brown hair. She was dark skinned and very Italian looking and even though I knew I would be in trouble from the other t-girls I thought I had been sucked and fucked, fingered and fisted what else could they do so I decided to go for it. One thing you need to know about many of the shemale t-girls is they are as highly sexed as many men. I introduced my naked self to her

And since there was so much action going on all over the yard I think she was a bit overwhelmed. She told me her name, Sam, short for Samantha and we grabbed a couple of lounges away from it all. Sam told me she had never been to this type of party but was interested in meeting new people, I asked how she heard about it and of course she was friends with Alexa. Always thinking honestly is best I told Sam a little about myself leaving out the shemale for a day thing, oops! And told her that I found her wildly attractive. I asked if she had a bathing suit on under her clothes, Sam said she generally tans nudes and prefers no tan lines. I told her to get naked and I could not wait to see.

She seductively peeled off her cloths, her body was amazingly female, she had a beautiful smallish shaved cock, I asked if she wanted oil and was happy to hear she did.

Sam was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen, shemale, t-girls, actresses, she was so sexy. I oiled her up making sure her breasts were nicely oiled, did her legs and arms stroking gently seeing if I could arouse this beautiful shemale. I worked the oil around her legs getting closer and closer to the prize. As the oil got closer and closer to her penis it started to get hard, a little oil on it and it looked like it was ready to explode.

There was no doubt in my mind that if I took her cock in my mouth she would go wild, I could not help myself, this hot shemale had this huge clit, I mean cock and it needed to be sucked. It only took minutes of it in my mouth until we had a wonderful 69 going with her on top of me thrusting her penis into my mouth and me thrusting mine into hers.

When she was about to cum I squeezed her balls tight and did not let her pull out of my mouth. Like the most beautiful of a t-girls I wanted, no demanded her juices flow into me and I drained her taking every last drop until it was just to much for her. Sam laid there all worn out but I was not through, a shemale escorts this unbelievable does not come around very often, she was the best looking t-girl I had ever seen. I flipped Sam over and as a group of other men stopped to watch this exquisite creature I lifted her ass and slip my ready to burst cock into her ass. I felt like I could go for hours and I think I was pounding her for close to a full hour, holding her now fully hard cock, I was amazed she could get hard after that BJ. I asked her if I could cum inside of her and she said yes. I blew my load then pulled out to let all the boys and by tat time other t-girls watching see my juice spill out of Samís perfect ass. I asked if she wanted anything else and she said she was still hard and could thin of a couple things. I asked if she wanted me to suck it? She said no why donít you get on top of me and ride it. She only had to ask me once. I lubed my hole and her cock and slid it n. Her little shemale cock felt so good in my hole, even though my hole was still a little sore from the guy with the huge cock beating me with it!

I asked Sam if she wanted to cum inside me and she said lets give these guys watching a show. When I am ready to cum, I want to pull out and cum all over your cock. After my ecstasy with Sam I knew I would be in trouble with the other t-girls. They understood why I had to have sex with Sam, she was in fact just so awesome but I was in trouble and the other shemales t-girls escorts decided a public spanking was in order. They had all the men form a circle around me and the t-girls one at a time got to spank me. They did not hold back hitting me hard, I was almost ready to cry when Alexa told them to stop. She then asked the men to line up if they wanted the newest shemales to suck their cocks. All of them did and I spent over an hour sucking them off. Only five of them came on me and the last guy was a very handsome 30 something guy and after I was done sucking him I let him slide it in me, he was only about 5" just the right size to enjoy. He made love to my ass in front of all the people there and I actually enjoyed the attention and had a full anal orgasm.

This was the wildest party I had ever been to, something to always remember.

Now remember I love women, I am now dating a beautiful real female who knows all about my love for shemale t-girls and we have and will continue in the future to have threesomes. I told her all about my day as a shemale and she was so turned on by it. She knows I am not into men but we made a deal that any time she finds a really cute guy we can have a threesome and she would love to see me get it in the ass. It is one of her biggest turn ons.

Realizing that shemales t-girls are not different then any other girls is your first step to enjoying a sexual gilt free relationship with one. Sex she be a freeing experience, free from guilt and fear. It is all about pleasure and if you are craving an experience with a shemales then you should act on your cravings or you will never feel fulfilled. Are the lines between gay and straight sex blurred? From what I have learned from Doctors, therapists and shemales t-girls I would say no. It is easy and natural for men to be interested in shemales escorts yet have no interest at all in me. shemales are for all intensive purposes women. They are not into dating gay men, and would not be interested in you as a sexual partner or someone to have a long-term relationship with if they thought you were gay. I have talked to hundreds of gay men and gay men know their sexual orientation when they are very young just as you always knew that girls turned you on. Shemale t-girls are just another form of women. Find the right one and she will work harder then most women to try to please you and keep you happy.

If your heart desires a shemale experience then nothing should stand in the way of trying it. You may be worried that you will like it too much! That might be true but you only live once so why not enjoy all the special women this world has to offer. The / tgirl site has hundreds of beautiful women available for dating. All shapes and sizes there is a shemales / t-girl escorts thatís right just for you. One more word of note. I have not always practiced the rules of safe sex and that was a mistake that luckily I never had to pay for but many other people are not that lucky so until you know some one very well you should always practice safe sex. Throw out the old stereo types in your brain. understand that a shemale that is pre-op has a sex organ, a penis that needs to be taken care of just as though it was a vagina. If you have a chance to make love to a beautiful shemales t-girl escorts make sure to give it 100% of your attention and to go with the flow. Many shemales have been with t-girl virgins before. Make sure to tell them it is your first time so they can do their best to make the experience a wonderful one.

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Hey itís all good and it is the little pleasures in life that make the world go round.

There are so many labels these days that you just donít know where you might belong. When you consider that there are straight people, gay people, bisexual people, transexual people, and transgender people, there are just too many choices to make. Many people know from an early age that theyíre ďdifferentĒ as in not the way that everyone else believes they should be. For others, it takes a bit longer to understand where they belong in the sexual world. It doesnít mean that you have to have a label. It simply means that most people tend to apply them or wear them.

If you were ever confused about whether you were attracted to women, men, or both, you probably understand why labels can be a very bad idea. Theyíre not always needed and can actually be damaging to someone thatís already questioning their place in the world. It can be even more difficult for transsexual people. If youíve got an open mind, or feel that you donít belong in an ďordinaryĒ sexual world, youíve probably toyed with the idea of venturing into areas outside of the realm of normalcy when it comes to having sex.

To many people, it can be very exciting to think outside the box sexually. Threesomes are very popular because, whether the encounter involves two women and one man or two men and one woman, thereís the chance to experience the best of both worlds. For gay people, there is the possibility of three women or three men. No matter what the preference, thereís something to meet it.

Speaking of having the best of both worlds, you can still have that very experience even if youíre not into threesomes. Choosing to be with a transsexual girl can be your wet dream cum true. This is especially true if youíre a guy that has always considered himself to be straight but has also toyed with the fantasy of being with a woman that has a little something extra for you to play with. A girl with a beautiful face, and luscious breasts to play with but who also has a sizeable cock can be the answer to this dilemma. It might make you feel a little more comfortable if you can be fondling a set of amazing tits while youíre stroking her cock.

Something you need to understand, though, is that people get the term transsexual and the term transgender confused. Thereís a definite difference between the two and, although it can be confusing for some people, itís pretty basic in regards as to what is what. A transexual girl is best described as someone that was assigned as a male at birth but associates with the female lifestyle and will usually undergo sexual reassignment surgery later on as an adult. Although not all of them go for the whole surgery, and some only take the hormones in order to feel more feminine. Transgendered is usually a term that is used as an umbrella to explain multiple gender based identities such as cross-dressers and drag queens. Even transsexuals have been identified as transgendered, but most of them feel that is more of an insult than an acceptable use of the term.

Transsexual girls were not a very common thing in public just a few decades ago. In fact, most people didnít even know what the term meant or had even heard of it. There were plenty of celebrities and general public figures that were transexual, though, and most people never knew. It wasnít until the internet became so popular that people were able to find others that fit into their gender categories and were able to communicate with each other over long distances. Most of these people met over UseNet groups and forums to start out with, but the internet has grown quite extensively since then. Now there are whole websites dedicated to nothing but transgendered relationships and erotic fun as well.

One of the best websites that you can go to and find some erotic fun with a hot transsexual girl is called This website hosts all kinds of beautiful TS girls from larger cities close to you for various amounts of fun depending on how far you want to go with it. With so many options available for guys to have some real transsexual girl fun, the only question you have to ask yourself is why arenít you there right now? Just imagine how much fun you could be having on the phone right now, talking to a hot girl that has both of the things you want to play with the most right now. If that isnít enough to entice you to visit, then maybe a story about the first time someone had the chance to be with a transexual girl will get you to overcome your fear and have some fun.

Robert was a typical manís man. When he was younger he used to sneak his fatherís Playboys and stare at all the naked women with his friends, making sexual jokes and trying not to think about what was happening below his belt. He joined the high school football team and lead them to a state championship his senior year. He was the avid Eagle Scout and attended church every Sunday with his family. For all intents and purposes, he was the average American man, but there always seemed to be something missing in his life. It wasnít until his junior year in college that he found out what that the missing piece was connected to transesxual girls.

Everyone knows that college can be an exceptional opportunity to try new things for the first time, and many people do just that. Robert just happened to be at the right place at the right time to find that the missing piece in his life was the hottest woman he had ever seen. He was sitting in the local college bar, hanging out with some friends, when she walked through the door. She was wearing a red leather corset, black leather mini skirt and thigh high black leather stiletto heels. It was as if the entire focus of attention was automatically drawn to her the second she walked through the door. It never entered his mind that she may be a transsexual.

Robert and his friends were constantly trying to coax one another into going over and buying her a drink, but they were all too overcome with her sheer feminine beauty to actually do anything even close to that. She sat down at the end of the bar, next to the entrance for the mens bathroom, and ordered one of those drinks that comes with an umbrella and had multiple layers of color showing in the glass. Robert watched her intently as she would tap a red painted finger nail against the glass every time she took a sip from her straw. Her red lipstick would glisten in the dim light of the bar, and Robert would imagine what those lips would feel like against his every time she took a drink. This woman certainly didnít look the part of a transexual girl.

After a while of drinking, Robert ended up having to use the mens room by which the beautiful lady was sitting. He got up from the table, took one last swig from his glass and made his way towards the restroom entrance. He couldnít help but look at that beautiful woman sitting at the end of the bar and, when a waitress inadvertently walked in front of him, he missed a step and lurched forward. He stuck his right hand out to catch himself on the bar so he didnít fall and ended up catching the tips of his fingers on her glass as she was lifting it to her mouth. The drink ended up sloshing towards her and spilling down the front of her corset, leaving a noticeable wet streak down between her heaving breasts. There was still not any hint of her being a transexual.

Robert was beside himself with embarrassment and was apologizing profusely as he reached for some napkins to hand to her. She smiled and told him it was no big deal as she dabbed the napkin against her soft flesh to soak up the remaining alcohol as it slowly made its way between her breasts. Of course, all Robert could think of is how he would love to lick that alcohol off her tits and, hopefully, it had gone down even further so he could lick that up as well. She smiled at him again in a way that was definitely NOT anyoneís idea of a transexual smile, and told him that he could make it all better if he bought her another drink. He agreed to this and sat down next to her and introduced himself.

Robert stumbled with his name at first, mainly because he couldnít believe that he was actually sitting there with her. She told him her name was Angel and he could almost see the halo above her head with each word that she spoke. Her soft and sultry voice was enough to make him hard with every sound she made, and he knew that if he played his cards right she would be going home with him that night. He would never have guessed that her secret was that she was a transexual. Of course, he wasnít prepared for what was to happen later on, and none of it happened in his bedroom, either. The night was young and there was plenty of talking to do before any of that, anyway.

Robert and Angel talked together for a few hours, eventually moving to a table located in a dark corner of the bar. At one point, he noticed his friends waving over to him as they were leaving, but he had other things on his mind and couldnít be bothered with leaving with them. He had a conquest to think about and was intent on making Angel fall for him, as he still had no clue that she was transsexual. He had to think carefully about how to get this beautiful woman back to his place and choosing his words was something he was putting most of his energy into. He knew that if he said the wrong thing he would be shot down quickly, so he had to lead up to things in order to get her to think it was her idea. Robert had done this numerous times before; his friends all thought of him as the ladiesí man, but this girl was different from all the rest.

Robert, after a few hours, finally remembered why he needed to come to this side of the bar and politely excused himself in order to use the restroom. He still had no idea that he was spending the evening with a transexual woman. Angel smiled and told him to be careful and gave him a playful little wink as he turned to walk away. Robert walked to the restroom and smiled as he thought about how much fun he and Angel were going to have later on in his bedroom. He knew his friends would never believe him until they saw Angel walk out of his room in the morning, and that made him laugh out loud as he stood in front of the urinal unzipping his pants. That is when the door to the bathroom opened and Angel walked in.

There isnít a guy on the planet that wouldnít take advantage of a beautiful woman walking into the mens restroom and Robert was no different, even though he still didnít know she was a transexual. Angel walked up behind him and slid her hands over his waist, reaching around to grab his cock. As she squeezed his cock with both her hands, she gently ran her tongue against the side of his neck. Robert knew right then why her name was Angel as he felt like he was about to enter the gates of Heaven. She pressed her luscious boobs against his back as he reached his hands behind her and pulled her ass closer. This was the moment he had been waiting for and he knew how great it was going to be.

This beautiful, still secret, transsexual gently stroked his cock, feeling it get hard in her hands as he turned his head. Her lips pressed against his and her tongue slipped into his mouth. He had been thinking about what it would feel like to have her lips pressed against his all night long, and now he was finding out first-hand how sensual she was. Robert tried to turn around, wanting to take her in his arms right there, but she let go and took a step back from him. With a gleam in her eye, she motioned for him to follow her into a stall. The privacy would be better and they wouldnít have to worry about anyone walking in on them in the middle of something.

Once they got into the stall, Angel thought it would be fun if Robert were blindfolded. She had thought of how to hide the fact that she was a transexual, but Robert just thought it would add to the mystique of what was happening, so he heartily agreed. Angel slowly tied the blindfold across Robertsís eyes and kissed him gingerly on the lips. She whispered in his ear that this was going to be the most erotic night of his life as she slid his pants down to his ankles. Robert was at a loss for words as he felt Angelís tongue sliding down his chest, making small circles around his nipples before moving down to his stomach. She wrapped her hands around his throbbing cock, stroking him to attention before running the tip of her tongue over the head of his cock.

Being blindfolded, Robert wasnít aware that Angel was a transexual girl. He had no idea that Angel was sporting a cock under that mini skirt and that it was getting just as hard as his was. All Robert knew is that the hottest girl he had ever seen had him blind folded in the mens restroom with his pants around his ankles, one hand stroking his cock and her tongue gently sliding over its head. All he could imagine is what it would feel like to be inside her and how badly he wanted to feel her cum on top of him. He was about to find out exactly how that would feel, but there were things she wanted to do to him first.

This amazingly sexy transexual girl opened her mouth and gently slid his cock inside. He gasped at the warmth and wetness of her mouth as she took his hard cock into the back of her throat in one shot. There was the brief thought of marriage passing through his mind as she took her hands and rubbed his balls. Angel knew exactly what she was doing with a hard cock, and Robert wondered how a woman that was this good could still be single. He was going to have to talk to her about that later on if he ever got the chance to speak again.

Once Angel got his cock all nice and wet from her mouth she took off her corset and slid his cock between her tits. She was still hiding the secret that she was a transexual, but he could feel her erect nipples brushing against him as she moved her tits up and down his hard shaft. While she was tit fucking him, she would open her mouth and let the head of his cock slide in and out. Pressing her tongue against the opening in his cock made his knees go weak just a bit. He couldnít imagine why he had never felt something like that before and wondered what other secrets Angel might have in her book of erotic seduction. Angel could feel Robert starting to lose the strength in his legs and knew it was time to sit him down.

Robert sat down on the toilet as Angel took his shoes off and removed his pants. This allowed Robert the chance to stretch his legs out a bit and get some blood flowing to them. Angel took this moment to slide her skirt up and remove her panties to uncloak her transexual secret. Since Robert was blindfolded he didnít see Angel spit in her hand and stroked her own cock in front of him. She knew that he would probably freak out if he could see what she was doing. Most guys would call her a fag and deny their sexuality by insulting her for trying to rape them. But Robert couldnít see anything she was doing and that was all part of the plan.

Angel turned around and reached behind her to take Robertís cock in her hands. She could feel that it was still nice and wet, lubricated from her mouth, as she rubbed it against her ass. Robert knew that the time had come for him to feel her from the inside, even though he didnít know that his beauty was a transexual girl.  His cock was aching to be inside her and all he could think of was how tight and wet she was going to be for him. She gently pushed his cock against her opening, relaxing her anal muscles, and slid the head of his cock inside. He openly gasped as he felt how tight she was and bit his lower lip thinking about how great this was going to be.

She sat down on top of his cock and slid him all the way inside. She tightened her muscles around his throbbing cock and could feel that he was doing everything in his power to not cum immediately. She slowly rocked her hips back and forth against his hard cock and could hear him moan in pleasure. Robert reached his hands up onto her hips. Easing his way around to rub on her clit while they fucked on the toilet. Angel caught this movement and raised his hands up to her breasts instead. She knew that now was not the time for him to find out she was a transexual girl.

Robert went with Angelís expectations and rubbed her nipples, pinching them gently between his fingertips as she started to move up and down on his engorged cock. Robert couldnít imagine that she could possibly be as tight as she was. He had been with his fair share of women before, even a virgin or two, but no other girl was as tight as Angel at this moment. Of course, those thought immediately passed through his mind as Angel started moving faster. Ramming his cock as deep as it could possibly go inside her. This was definitely the best sexual experience he had ever had in his life and there was no way he was going to question another second of it. He might have felt differently if he had known she was a transexual girl.

In the midst of the sexual excitement that was happening, Angel let Roberts hands slip down a little bit too far. Robert took advantage of this moment and slid his right hand down between her thighs. Of course, his hand didnít get too far before feeling something reaching up to touch his fingers. He was startled at first, but Angel started moving her hips in a circular motion while rising up and sliding back down on his cock and he just let the moment take over. He could feel that she had a cock. It was in his hand and he could tell that it was throbbing gently with his touch. He knew, deep in the back of his mind, that something was not right about what was happening but he just couldnít put it all together and conclude that she was transexual girl. There was too much going on at the moment for him to put together the fact that he was having the best sex he had ever had in his life with a beautiful woman that had a cock just a bit bigger than his.

Angel realized that Robert was enjoying himself enough that her throbbing cock wasnít bothering him as much as it probably should have and took advantage of the moment. She got up and turned around, sliding her legs across his thighs and placing his cock back into her ass. She leaned forward and let his tongue glide against her nipples as he reached down and continued to stroke her cock. Now was the perfect time to take the blindfold off and let him see what was really happening to him.

With the blindfold off Robert was finally aware of what was happening. He looked into her eyes and saw a spark he had never noticed before. There was a sensuality within her that most transexual girls have but Robert had never seen it before with the women he had been with. Her tongue ran against her bottom lip making it glisten in the dimly lit stall. He could feel her breath against his face as she moved her hips back and forth against his cock. Her breath was sweet, like the smell of cherry blossoms in the spring and made him think of his childhood at his grandparentís farm.

Robert let his gaze follow the gentle curves of Angelís neck, over her shoulders and down to her heaving breasts. Her nipples stood out like small spikes, begging to be sucked upon. He followed the curve of her tits down over her flat stomach, the muscles of which were tightening and relaxing with each thrusting movement of her hips. Then, he saw his right hand. He knew that he was stroking a rather large erect cock but it wasnít until he actually saw his hand moving up and down the shaft that he put everything together. His ultimate sexual encounter with the most beautiful woman he had ever seen wasnít exactly with a woman after all. She was a woman, but she was much more than any woman he had been with in the past. She was a transsexual woman.

Robert stared in amazement as he stroked Angelís cock. The precum gently flowing down over his fingers with each grasping movement. Deep in his mind he thought he should be freaking out, throwing her off and demanding to know what was happening, but watching her wet cock sliding between his closed fist just made his own cock even harder. He never thought that being with a transexual woman would turn him on this much. Then everything seemed to come together in his life. This is what he had been missing for so many years.

Robert ran his tongue against her nipples and felt her clench in excitement. There was no more time for thinking about whether this was right or wrong for Robert. He was here and she was the missing piece in his life. There was no turning back now, and he made the decision to live in the moment as it was happening. Angel could feel Robert giving in to his sexual side and that made her even more excited. Robert stood up and turned Angel around, bending her over the toilet so that she had to balance herself on the back wall with her hands. He slid his cock back inside her and reached around, grabbing her cock in his hand. Then he started to stroke her cock like never before. This was the moment of truth, for both of them.

Robert had wondered what it would be like to have a transexual cum while they were being fucked from behind before. Itís fairly impossible to look for porn online without seeing something to do with women of this type, and Robert had seen his fair share of online porn. Now, he was going to find out exactly what it was going to be like. He knew that when he cums, all of the muscles in his body would tighten up dramatically, and he was hoping that Angel would do the same thing. As luck would have it, he was going to find out sooner than he thought possible.

While Robert was sliding his cock deeper and deeper inside this gorgeous transexual girl, he was also stroking her cock faster and faster with his right hand. His left hand was grabbing her left tit and squeezing it at the same time. Angel was pretty vocal about how she was enjoying herself. Telling Robert to fuck her harder and make her cum for him. This, in turn, excited Robert even more and made him do exactly what she wanted him to do. There was a brief moment of frenzied movement from the two of them and then Angel came.

Robert got his wish. Angel screamed out loud and shot her load all over the back of the toilet, her stomach, her tits, and Roberts hand. When she came her ass muscles tightened so much that Robert could no longer slide inside her and that made him cum as well. He reached his left hand up and grabbed Angel by the hair, forcing her head back and thrusting his cock as deep as it could possibly go inside her. He knew at that moment in time that there was nothing better than being with a transexual woman, and he would do whatever he had to do to make this happen as often as possible. This was his moment in the sun and he wanted to enjoy every single aspect of it that he could.

They both let out an audible gasp as they reached the end of their climax. Both of them had sweat running off their bodies as Angel slowly stood up from her bent position, turning her head, and kissed him gently on the lips. Robert ran his hands up and down her body, taking her tits in his hands and then sliding down to wrap this transsexual girlís cock next. He stayed inside her as long as possible while they kissed. He could smell her sweet perfume and sweat mingle in the air of the stall and never wanted to let go of her.

Angel slowly slid his cock out of her ass and turned around, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him close. Their cocks were still rock hard and pressing against each other. Their tongues met and played with each other in their mouths. Angel was very surprised that Robert was still there with her, even after finding out and accepting that she had a cock and was a transexual girl. Most guys would have zipped their pants up and walked out never to be seen again. But Robert was different. He wanted to be there with her and that made a tear fall down her cheek.

Robert noticed that tear and reached a single finger up to her cheek to wipe it away. Then he did the unthinkable. Robert slowly sank down to his knees, running his tongue between her breasts and down over her stomach. Finally, reaching her still hard cock he ran his tongue over its head, licking up the leftover cum from her explosive orgasm. Angel let her eyes roll into the back of her head as she felt his mouth open up to her. He let her fill his mouth with her cock. It was the first time he had ever done anything even remotely close to this and wasnít necessarily sure of what he was doing at first, but he let the moment take him over and just went with it. Angel, his transexual girl, could feel the warmth and wetness of his mouth as it slid over her throbbing cock.

Robert slowly took the head of her cock into his mouth, running his tongue back and forth over its head. Feeling the opening, he pressed his tongue against it trying to push inside her cock. Angel moaned and let her hands slide through his hair. Grabbing the sides of his head, she moved her hips forward, gently pressing her cock deeper into his mouth. She knew that he wouldnít be able to take her whole cock in like she had done with him, but it didnít matter to her. She had never had a man do this to her before and she wanted to enjoy it as much as possible thinking that he would be repulsed as soon as he realized what he was doing. She didnít want to force him into anything he didnít want to do.

Whether or not Robert wanted to have sex with a transexual woman that night, Angel didnít know. But it was evident that he was enjoying this moment and she didnít want to scare him off. Robert reached up and stroked Angels balls as he opened his mouth as wide as he could to take as much of her cock in as possible. Angel could feel the back of his throat as he tried as hard as he could to take it all in. He was almost there when his gag reflex kicked in and he had to pull away quickly. He looked at her with tears in his eyes and Angel backed away quickly. She thought that he was having a response to the fact that he was sucking on a transexual girlís cock, but Robert assured her that wasnít the case.

Robert told her that she was too big for him to get into his throat like that and apologized for it. She smiled down at him, stroking his hair, leaned over and kissed him on the lips again. She realized that he was more upset with not being able to take her into his mouth like she had done with him. He wanted to do for her what she had done for him, but couldnít physically manage it yet. She knew then that her being a transexual had nothing to do with what he was feeling at that moment, and that Robert looked at her as a woman that had more to offer than any other woman he had ever been with before.

It was a bit tricky for the two of them to get out of the mens bathroom without being noticed. Angel went out first and took her seat back at the table. Robert followed a few minutes later and joined her. The bartender and a couple of patrons noticed them, but smiled knowingly. It wasnít the first time that a couple had gone into the bathroom to have a little fun, after all. Of course, no one knew that Angel was a transsexual, no one except her and Robert anyway. They sat back at their table, holding hands as Angelís foot rubbed up and down the inside of his legs. They looked into each otherís eyes and talked about what life could be like for the two of them.

They both knew that they had to keep her secret and she was perfectly OK with that. The less people knew the better. Angel had figured that out a long time ago, even before she started taking hormone replacement therapy to get her perfect tits. Robert knew that he would be ostracized by his friends and family if anyone ever found out, so they both agreed to not share her particular surprise with anyone else for as long as they were together.

Being a transexual, even in todayís open minded world, can be quite dangerous. Not only on an emotional level, but on a physical level as well. There are still people out there that think of anyone being this way as an abomination. This, of course, is beyond what rationally thinking people would consider but society as a whole isnít quite to that rational thought aspect just yet. There are plenty of guys out there that have no problems with women of this kind, and plenty of women that donít mind being with men that are transexuals. Itís all in how you look at it and if you are open minded enough to realize that they are still people regardless of how they dress or what they have in their pants.

The story of Robert and the transexual girl Angel is just one example of how a man and woman can find that everlasting love on both a physical and emotional level. While other people may frown upon their choices, they know that deep down there is nothing more important than love. Love is a physical reaction that occurs when two people meet and find they fulfill each otherís needs unlike anything else. Robert and Angel found that emotional connection and decided to make it happen for both of them. There is nothing wrong with that, and more guys should be open to exploring the alternative sides of life in order to find out what they might be missing.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to have a transexual encounter, then maybe you should take a few moments to visit and find out for yourself. You could very well end up in a Robert and Angel story of your own someday, and having that kind of experience might just change your life. You can never pick who you fall in love with, it just happens, and whether you fall in love with someone a bit unique or not, you should be at least a little open to the aspect. You will definitely find out some things about who you are on the inside, and that is always a good thing.

If you do visit and you find someone there that you really hit it off with, then there is no reason that them being a transexual should matter to you. You may want to refrain from telling everyone you know that you are involved with this kind of a girl, but what they donít know isnít going to hurt them, anyway. Robert and Angel were able to move forward with their lives and live happily for many years; there is no reason why you can't be like that as well. You just have to make the decision that you want this to happen and do what needs to be done to make it work out for the two of you.

Transsexual girls still feel and have emotional responses just like all women. They just bring a little extra surprise in the bed room and that isnít anything bad. Some women like to be tied up and spanked, some women like to be dominant. Girls like this enjoy having their cocks sucked on. In the world of sex, there some things that are outright weird and there are some things that you, as a guy, just have to wrap your fragile mind around and get over. You need to understand that lumping all transgendered people into one category is not the right thing to do, and they are each individuals no matter how you look at it. Besides, what could possibly be better than a beautiful woman with gorgeous tits and a hard cock for you to play with? You know that you would love to feel what it is like to have her cum while you are inside her, and you know that she is going to know exactly how to give you head like you want it. There really is nothing more to say about it on that level.

The fact that guys have been hateful towards transsexual women for decades just proves that they secretly want to have a sexual encounter like Robert and Angel had. They want that moment of exceptional ecstasy to happen to them where they donít know what is going on until itís much too late to do anything about it. They want to feel what Robert got to feel that night in the mens room, and find out first-hand why he decided to spend the rest of his life with Angel, knowing that she had a cock between her legs. Its manís inability to comprehend how something like that could reach an emotional level that creates the hate filled rhetoric that you see today against transexual women and men. But you have the chance to change how you feel about things like this by going to and finding someone to have some fun with tonight.

When it comes to sex, there is nothing better than exploring different aspects to see what it is that you want most in your life. For some guys, a simple blow up doll and some lube will do just fine. Others need to be in control of everything in their life to make themselves feel virile and manly. But you could get all of that and more by simply giving into your wildest desires and finding a transexual girl that you can truly have fun with. Go to and see what they have to offer before you give up on ever finding something that truly turns you on in either sexually, emotionally, physically, or all three at the same time. tgirls shemale escorts ts transsexuals she males escorts t girls tvts outcall incall escorts tgirls shemale shemale escorts tgirls escorts ts escorts ts san Francisco transsexual sf escorts tgirls transsexual tgirls la laxpress ts ny new york tgirls shemale transsexual ts escorts escorts ts tgirls shemale transsexuals Hollywood la laxpress los angeles tgirls ts laxpress shemale la ts Hollywood tgirls transsexuals la xpress she male tgirls night ts clubs bar night club la clubs transgender shemale la escorts los angeles VIP Massage la massage laxpress la xpress escorts la outcall incall escorts la lax laxpress escorts independent laxpress la xpress escorts massage la laxpress asian massage parlor therapeutic incall outcall lax escorts los angeles girls la escorts adult news porn star xxx movies massage nude rubdown massage la massage la night clubs strip clubs pubs bars sex la strippers dancer full nude lap dance pole dancers
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